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You can find Patricia Burnett either singing onstage, composing music and recording, or planting seedlings and working in her fabulous gardens at her ocean front home in Madeira Park, B.C.
If that is not enough, Patricia has a passion for creating unique, “One of a Kind” Jewelry!

Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Patricia has always been an artist. At the age of 6, she was already studying Classical piano with the prestigious Donna M. Fishwick, only to continue
on through scholarship to study in Victoria B.C. at Craigdarroch Castle, (at that time the Victoria Conservatory of Music) under the tutelage of Dr. Robin Wood.

At 17, Patricia earned her Classical Piano degree, and then to the surprise of her parents and friends, joined a rock and roll band and went touring on the road! Patricia would continue to
perform with bands until 2015, during which time she also raised 3 beautiful daughters.

In 2005, Patricia discovered she really loved creating jewelry using Ebony and Ivory Piano keys, and other unusual Collectible Pieces. She travelled to Greece, and searched local Flea
markets there, as well as many other places around the world, discovering rare items to turn into her one of a kind Statement pieces. Her business was successful, and she sold through her
website, around the world, as well as in many boutiques throughout the British Columbia area.

Now, along with performing solo, Patricia has decided to refine her direction, using these pieces of history, medals, badges, coins, crosses, vintage silver, brass, copper and gold.
Patricia’s new jewelry is named, LINKAGE, (LKG), “historically inspired art jewelry", carrying on her previous slogan of

                      “Wear with Love”

Patricia Burnett

Patricia Burnett
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